NDP Minutes 10th April 2015

Friday 10 April 2015 at the Crown Inn at 7.00pm

1. Present: Neil Cowles, Diana Palmer, Pamela Tribe, Jim Hardy, David Freeman. Linda Cowles, Chris Gooding (Data Orchard) and Richard Stein attended by invitation.
2. Minutes of the meeting on 9 March were agreed and signed by the Chairman.
3. CG briefed the meeting on the services Data Orchard could offer. He gave the following information and advice:
a. Data Orchard is a not for profit consultancy helping communities to help themselves in developing expertise and carrying through a neighbourhood plan.
b. The launch meetings could be a compromise between a drop in and a formal meeting as previously agreed by the Steering Group. After introductions and the presentation, the meeting could break up into groups for informal discussions.
c. Stations could be set up in the hall where parishioners could discuss topics under various headings such as housing, infrastructure, environment, energy and so on.
d. Post it notes would be preferable to flip charts with green and red dots available to indicate agreement or disagreement.
e. CG pointed out that delivery and collection by hand would produce a much better response than delivery and collection by post, perhaps as much as 80% against 20%. He said that delivery and collection by hand would also demonstrate that maximum effort had been made to reach as many people as possible and that this would forestall any effort at the referendum stage to claim that people had not been informed about the Neighbourhood Plan.
f. CG said that beside the main questionnaire, land usage (Longtown only?), young people (up to age 16) and business questionnaires might be considered. He advised against giving out a prepared list of questions, because that might unduly influence people.
g. CG also told the meeting that modifications to the Core Strategy might result in the 13 houses already mandated in Longtown being increased to 35, though this remained to be clarified.
4. After further discussion CG left the meeting.
5. It was then agreed that:
a. Data Orchard should be offered the contract for advising on the Neighbourhood Plan.
b. That Richard Stein should join the Steering Group.
c. That the initial posters should be sent out by post immediately after the General Election on 7 May. DF would contact Royal Mail to confirm the numbers involved and the deadline for delivery of the leaflets to Royal Mail.
d. That Samantha Banks be invited to attend the Longtown/Llanveynoe launch meeting on Thursday 21 May.
6. PT then offered recyclable refreshments to the meeting. It was agreed by all that these were excellent and eminently suitable for the meetings in Longtown and Llanveynoe. The residents in Craswall would be making their own catering arrangements.
7. The next meeting will be in Longtown village hall on Friday 1 May at 7.30pm.