NDP Minutes 11th February 2015

Wednesday 11 February 2015 at the Crown Inn at 7.00pm

1. Present: Diana Palmer, Pamela Tribe, Becka Goodwin, Jim Hardy, David Freeman.
2. Apologies for absence: Neil Cowles
3. Minutes of previous meetings: it was agreed that, in the absence of the Chairman, minutes of the meetings on 15 and 21 January would be agreed and signed at the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 18 February.
4. Posters and flyers:
a. DP produced a draft poster to the meeting. It is available in A3 and A4 format and can be laminated. It was agreed that the detailed design should be left to Julian Barnard, who had kindly agreed to take on the task. It was also agreed that the theme colour should be pale yellow and that a logo should be included. Posters for use inside the halls do not need to be laminated.
b. DP also produced a draft text for a leaflet to be circulated to parishioners, preferably before the launch meetings. This was endorsed by the meeting, which then went on to discuss the way in which it should be distributed. Various options were discussed, included distribution by hand combined with postage to the more remote properties around Longtown. DF again raised the lack of Longtown representatives to help.
c. It was agreed that the leaflet should include contact details of Steering Group members.
d. DF agreed to look at the Royal Mail website to ascertain the cost of posting leaflets to all homes. He also agreed to talk to Linda Cowles with a view to establishing a list of the remote properties around Longtown referred to above.
e. All agreed that posters and flyers should be prepared and a distribution plan finalised by the end of April.
5. The draft questions list: this was considered and agreed in principle. DF said that a young peoples’ questions list is also in preparation.
6. The launch meeting plan:
a. DF agreed to simplify the suggested meeting sequence plan following discussion and this would be re-issued.
b. PT agreed to look into the preparation of a simple Powerpoint presentation for the launch meetings.
c. BG suggested that the meetings might also use blank flip charts and post it notes on which parishioners’ suggestions could be noted at the time they were made.
7. Consultants’ comparative quotes:
a. JH suggested that it would be simpler to offer a list of the project stages as given by Kirkwells to Orchard and simply invite them to tender for each stage. DF agreed to do this.
b. PT said that she would talk to her contacts and see if they would be willing to tender for some or all of the stages.
8. Extending the consultative group: this was again discussed and the meeting agreed to pursue various options.
9. Date of the next meeting: Monday 9 March at 1900 at the Crown.