NDP Minutes 11th October 2016

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Minutes dated 11th October 2016

Present: Diana Palmer, Jim Hardy, Bill Bloxsome, Chris Gooding, Judy Cecil. Observers Neville Powell and Gill Watkins.
It was advised that
• The main issue arising out of the survey was housing.(Although members of the group also felt that other important considerations were :- Broadband, developments being small, housing to keep the young living locally, the school and maintaining the nature of the rural locality.)

• The required number of new houses is believed to be 27. Although some of this number have already been built.
• One possible site in Longtown has been identified by the SHLA (strategic housing land availability assessment) by Herefordshire Council (HC)
• An Environmental Scoping Exercise has been done by HC.
• We have to consider Habitats Regulation Assessment because of problems relating to phosphate levels in the Lugg. (Olchon Brook feeds into Monnow feeds into Wye. Lugg also feeds into Wye but all inter-related. This means that any developments in our area must be suitably serviced by sewage treatment plants of septic tanks etc.
• Most of the 27 are likely to be in or adjacent to Longtown unless they are “windfall” lying outside the settlement boundaries. ( ie barn conversions, developments using the footprint of old buildings or farmsteads discovered by historical research.)
• The site identified by the SHLA is east of Greyhound Close and approx. 1.5 acres. It could accommodate 18 dwellings. Chris will e mail map to group.
• Affordable Housing. This has been identified in the survey as being important to local people. Any site must be big enough for at least 11 houses if affordable housing is to be a requirement.
• There are different types of affordable housing –including shared ownership and self build. Infilling along a frontage line was also mentioned. RECOMMENDATION : Invite local landowners to offer sites for building by using a “Call for Sites Survey” Chris will send us an example. This can be publicised and made available on line. (Ideally using a link from the PC website) Paper copies could be offered for collection from PO. FUTURE ACTIONS
• Give feedback from surveys
• Publish first draft of objectives and vision
• Invite offers of sites using Call for Sites Survey
• Group needs update on financial position
• Public Meetings need to be held Suggested dates for meetings:-
Longtown Sat 26/11/16 10am-1pm
Craswall Wed 23/11/16 7.30pm
Walterstone Tues22/11/16 7.30pm
The Parish Council will be given an update at the meeting on 19.1016 and will be receive draft of the objectives and vision prior to the November Parish Council Meeting JC to check availability of Longtown Vllage Hall on 26/11/16. Chris advises that they can help with materials and set up for meetings. Approx cost £300
• Chris Gooding will let us have draft of vision and objectives by 31/10/16
• Bill to find out if LGPC registered to have maps of area.
• To cover the need for improved Broadband Bill advises we can have an Infrastructure Policy
Meeting closed at 9pm