NDP Minutes 12th February 2016


Friday 12 February 2016 at the Crown Inn Longtown at 7.30pm


1. Present: Judy Cecil, David Freeman, Jim Hardy, Diana Palmer, Pamela Tribe.

2. Apologies: Polly Waddington.

3. The minutes of the 15 January meeting were agreed and signed.

4. There were no declarations of interest.

5. It was confirmed that an internet based questionnaire response is not required.

6. The questionnaire preparation and delivery plan:

a. David produced examples of the questionnaires, ancillaries, banners and posters and explained the actions of a volunteer on a typical visit in detail. He confirmed that the numbers required would be coordinated with team leaders (see the plan already circulated) and that each leader would be given their requirement in bulk.

b. It was agreed that banners and posters would be put up around the parishes on 28/29 March and taken down as soon as possible after collection (ie from 27 April).

c. Diana raised the question of delivery to some households in Clodock. David said he would visit Diana in the coming week to identify and agree those properties.

d. David said he would confirm with Julie Jones that she would be leading the Llanveynoe team. After note: this has been done and Julie also agreed to put up banners and posters and coordinate activities with Judy and Richard Stein.

e. It was agreed that David would coordinate the delivery of returned envelopes with Chris Gooding and the team leaders. This will take place at the Crown Inn on Wednesday 27 April at 7.30pm (tbc). It is hoped that team leaders or a team member will deliver the documents in person to Chris.

7. The next meeting will be at convened when it is required.

8. The meeting ended at 8.15pm.