NDP Minutes 14th August 2015


Friday 14 August at the Crown Inn Longtown at 8pm


1. Present: Polly Waddington, Jim Hardy, Richard Stein, David Freeman, Martin Jones, Chris Gooding. In the absence of Diana Palmer, Jim Hardy took the chair.

2. Apologies: Diana Palmer, Pamela Tribe, Julie Jones.

3. The minutes of the 24 July meeting were agreed and signed.

4. There were no declarations of interest.

5. Social media update: PW said that so far 85 people had signed up to Facebook but not many young people. PW said that this was an issue that required attention. PW also reported that she and Linda Cowles had spent some time trying to get a correct title on the Facebook page but in the end they had to settle for “Longtown Group”. The following decisions were taken:
a. The Steering Group Minutes should be on the Parish Council website so that a link can be made from Facebook. DF is to contact Linda Cowles to see if this can be arranged.
b. DF agreed to talk to PT to decide about putting SG updates and news items on the PC website.
c. The SG would further consider ways of attracting the young to Facebook and Twitter.

6. Local group briefings: DF passed on a report from PT to the effect that she had addressed the Thursday Club. 15 members attended, including 8 from our parishes, there was one question and contact details were left with them in case any wanted to raise questions later. The YF meeting has yet to be arranged.

7. The Longtown Show: it was decided that the Steering Group should be present at the Show. JH and RS agreed to lead on this and CG promised to visit and assist.

8. The questionnaire: the following decisions were made:
a. A separate business questionnaire will be made available.
b. The general questionnaire and the business questionnaire will be ‘bounced off’ consultation groups before being distributed generally to check that the questions are properly focussed.
c. The young people questionnaire will be aimed at the 11 to 16 age group and the younger group will be reached via the school.

9. The questionnaire timetable was agreed as follows:
a. PW, CG and DF will meet at the Crown Inn on Thursday 20 August at 11am to finalise Version 1 of the draft.
b. Version 1 will be discussed at a SG meeting to be held at the Crown Inn on Tuesday 1 September at the Crown Inn at 8pm. CG will then draft Version 2.
c. Version 2 of the draft will be presented to the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 16 September.
d. Questionnaires will printed ready for distribution on the weekend 3/4 October and collection on the weekend 17/18 October.

10. Next meeting: at the Crown Inn on Tuesday 1 September at 8pm.

11. The meeting closed at 10.00pm.