NDP Minutes 17th December 2014

Wednesday 17 December 2014 in the Longtown Village Hall at 6.30pm

1. Present: Pamela Tribe, Diana Palmer, Linda Cowles, Jim Hardy, David Freeman. Jim Hardy took the chair in the absence of Neil Cowles.
2. Apologies for absence: Neil Cowles, Lorraine Watkins.
3. Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed.
4. Finance: Linda Cowles confirmed that a grant of £2,500 is available now, the money to be spent and reclaimed without a time limit. Linda also confirmed that a bridging grant of £7,000 is also available and would confirm whether this included the £2,500.
5. Consultants: It was agreed that best practice required an additional one or two quotations from consultants other than Kirkwells. David Freeman agreed to action this decision.
6. Additional Steering Group members and advisers:
a. Pamela Tribe said that Michael Stern had agreed to give advice on legal issues and attend an introductory meeting of the Steering Group. Pamela also agreed to ask Dorinda Watkins (Celtic Water owner) to act as a local business adviser.
b. Pamela Tribe and Diana Palmer agreed to see if either Arleen Clare or Julian Barns would agree to take on the role of graphic design and production of publicity materials. After note: Diana has spoken to Arleen and confirmed that both she and her husband are willing to help.
c. Diana Palmer agreed to ask Julian Barns to do photography and become a business adviser.
d. Diana Palmer agreed to ask one of the Sevenoaks brothers (Ian or Paul) and Stephen Fletcher to advise on farming issues.
e. David Freeman would ask Martin Jones to advise on farming issues.
f. It was agreed that all the above potential farming and business should be invited to attend a meeting in the Crown on one of the following dates: Wed 14/1, Thur 15/1, and Tue 20/1. Once an optimum date is identified and a time agreed, David Freeman would book a room in the Crown. After note: At the Parish Council meeting that followed, Phillip Hope agreed to lead in Longtown and to ask Jenny Probert to join him in doing so.
7. Launch meetings: It was agreed that meetings would be an appropriate forum for the launch of the project in the parishes. The following agreed to lead at these meetings, supported by other members of the Group:
a. Craswall: Neil Cowles
b. Llanveynoe: Pamela Tribe
c. Longtown: Phillip Hope and Jenny Probert (to be confirmed)
d. Walterstone: Jim Hardy
8. Locality training days: Diana Palmer, Pamela Tribe and David Freeman agreed to attend these training days. David Freeman to investigates dates and bid for places.
9. The provisional work programme circulated by David Freeman was endorsed by the meeting.
10. The next meeting of the Steering Group will be at 6.15 pm on Wednesday 21 January