NDP Minutes 18th September 2015


Friday 18 September at the Crown Inn Longtown at 8pm


1. Present: Polly Waddington, Jim Hardy, Richard Stein, David Freeman, Chris Gooding, Pamela Tribe. In the absence of Diana Palmer, Jim Hardy took the chair.

2. Apologies: Diana Palmer, Julie Jones.

3. The minutes of the 14 August meeting were agreed and signed.

4. There were no declarations of interest.

5. Questionnaire revision:

a. At the 16 September Parish Council meeting the Steering Group was instructed to make arrangements to consult the younger community further before submitting the questionnaires to the PC for approval. This would entail meetings of the Young Farmers and a visit to the school. PT agreed to coordinate this activity, attend the meetings and report.

b. The Steering Group decided to produce copies of each of the questionnaires and covering letters to Parish Council members at least 7 days before the PC meeting on 18 November. Linda Cowles agreed at a previous PC meeting to print and distribute these documents to Councillors.

c. DF and JH agreed to test copies of the business questionnaire by inviting comments from local business people.

d. In view of the above it was agreed that distribution and collection of the questionnaires should be postponed until April or May 2016.

e. The SG discussed questionnaire covering letters and agreed that DP’s revisions had been most helpful in improving them. PW agreed to further revise the covering letter for the young people questionnaire. There was much discussion on how to frame this correctly in order to appeal to the various age groups within this group.

6. JH agreed to produce a variety of logo suggestions for further consideration.

7. It was agreed that questionnaire distribution logistics would be settled as the preparations progressed.

8. DF outlined the distribution plan for the questionnaires and the provisional allocation of volunteer tasks. Briefly:

a. JH and DP would oversee distribution and collection in Walterstone.
b. NC and LC would do the same for Craswall.
c. PT would oversee the WI distribution and collection in Longtown village.
d. DF would do the same for the outlying homes within Longtown Parish.

9. PW updated the meeting on social media development.

10. Next meeting: at the Crown Inn on Friday 6 November 2015 at 7.30pm

11. The meeting ended at 9.30pm