NDP Minutes 1st March 2016


Tuesday 1 March 2016 at the Crown Inn Longtown at 1.30pm


1. Present: Linda Cowles, Chris Gooding, David Freeman.

2. Chris said that Data Orchard charges up to and including the draft basic report (when questionnaire results have been collated) are/will be:

a. Payment so far: £1,224
b. Collating adult questionnaire responses (based on 75% response): £ 849
c. Collating CYP questionnaire responses: £ 100
d. Collating business questionnaire responses: £ 100
e. Writing the basic report (Adult, CYP and Business): £1,250

3. Chris also said that:

a. The above figures are estimates. A lower response will attract a lower fee.
b. The basic report will include statistical summaries in chart form as annexes.
c. The CYP and Business collation costs were not included in the original Data Orchard total quotation.

4. The grant situation is:

a. The new Community Rights Programme grant: £9,000
b. Of which we have spent: £2856.73
c. The Frontrunner Grant: £2,500
d. Of which, we have spent to date: £ 358

5. The following decisions were taken:

a. The new grant period is for six months, starting any time after 1 April. Linda will bid to start the claim period from 1 June, when the basic report should be complete.
b. A meeting of the Steering Group, attended by Bill Bloxsome (Data Orchard) will be convened when the draft basic report is received. This meeting will decide what further analysis will be needed and the extra costs involved.
c. Bill Bloxsome will also assist on the “assessing and advising on policy base” and “identifying issues and options” phases of the plan, see the original Data Orchard quotation.
d. Chris will produce a quotation, colour coded to show payments already made, payments for the period 1 June to 30 November 2016 (see above) and the remainder of work after that period.
e. The draft plan will be completed and submitted to public consultation and discussion before the end of November. Additional costs not incurred by Data Orchard in that period will include printing the draft plan and postage notifying parishioners of meeting places and dates. Note: Chris, Linda and David to estimate these before issuing these minutes.
f. David will contact Hoople Ltd and investigate mapping costs and possibilities.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Longtown Group Parish Council