NDP Minutes 1st May 2015

Friday 1 May 2015 at Longtown Village Hall at 7.30pm

1. Present: Neil Cowles, Diana Palmer, Pamela Tribe, Jim Hardy, David Freeman, Linda Cowles, Richard Stein. Apologies: Becka Goodwin.
2. Minutes of the meeting on 10 April (as amended) were agreed and signed by the Chairman.
3. DF showed the proposed Powerpoint launch meetings presentation and narrated the draft script. This was followed by a lengthy discussion and it was agreed that all reference to the consultative group should be deleted from the presentation. It was also agreed that DF would circulate the script for comment.
4. Chris Gooding’s example terms of reference were discussed briefly. Some members had not received these so DF agreed to send them out again.
5. It was agreed that the launch meetings leaflets would be posted on Friday or Saturday 9/10 May and that the posters would be put out at the same time.
6. LC reported that she had discussed the grant application with Chris Gooding and that an initial bid for £4,500 would be submitted. This is in addition to the £2,500 already in hand.
7. The next meeting will be on Friday 5 June at 7.30pm in the Crown Inn.