NDP Minutes 20th November 2015


Friday 20 November 2015 at the Crown Inn Longtown at 7pm


1. Present: Chris Gooding, David Freeman, Diana Palmer, Jim Hardy, Judy Cecil, Pamela Tribe, Polly Waddington.

2. Apologies: Julie Jones, Richard Stein.

3. The minutes of the 18 September and 6 November meetings were agreed with minor amendments and signed.

4. There were no declarations of interest.

5. Questionnaire revision:

a. Amendments agreed at the 18 November Parish Council meeting were incorporated into the questionnaires. Chris G. agreed to send these to the Parish Clerk so that she could email/post them to Councillors and get their agreement. After note: the Clerk and David F. agreed that Councillors would be asked to submit any further comments within one week of receiving the document(s).

b. Jim H. agreed to proof read the final versions of the questionnaires. Diana P. would invite Ann Jenner to assist in the work.

c. Chris G agreed to get two quotes for printing the documents.

d. It was agreed that the questionnaires would be sent to the printers after the January NP and PC meetings.

6. Schedule of work:

a. Children would be back at school on 11 April 2016.

b. Target date for delivery of questionnaires: 9-12 April 2016.

c. Target date for collection: 23-26 April 2016.

7. Publicity for the questionnaire delivery and collection exercise:

a. David F. will investigate and report on the cost of banners and notify the contact group.

b. Linda C. – please post information on the website and social media.

c. Polly W. also suggested that the SG should brief people on progress at the Promises Auction in Longtown on Friday 27 November. Pamela T. agreed to join her in this.

d. Diana P. will obtain the address of the editor of the Ewyas Harold newsletter so that information can be published there and in the Longtown Group newsletter in February, March and April 2016. David F. will circulate a draft to the SG beforehand for approval.

8. David F. will prepare a detailed plan covering the above and notes for those delivering and collecting questionnaires. This will be submitted to members of the SG for consideration at the next meeting.

9. County Council NP training 18 November: David F. will circulate a report.

10. The next meeting will take place on Thursday 14 January 2016 at 7.30pm at the Crown Inn.

11. The meeting ended at 8pm.