NDP Minutes 21st January 2015

Wednesday 21 January 2015 in the Longtown Village Hall at 6.15pm

1. Present: Neil Cowles, Pamela Tribe, Diana Palmer, Jim Hardy, Becka Goodwin, David Freeman.
2. Apologies for absence: None
3. Minutes of the previous meetings were agreed and signed.
4. Pre-election period. The meeting acknowledged the pre-election guidance received from the County Council which has the effect of stopping all consultation with electors until after the election in May. It was agreed, however, that this would allow us to make all the preparations so as to start immediately after that day.
5. Finance: Neil Cowles confirmed that there was no time limit for the £7,000 grant. (Note: it was confirmed at the last meeting that a separate grant of £2,500 is available now, the money to be spent and reclaimed without a time limit).
6. Consultants: It was agreed that Neil Cowles and David Freeman would look at the Kirkwell bid, see what we could do for ourselves and use that to invite a bid from Orchard consultants.
7. Questionnaire: Neil C and David F agreed to compile a list of questions based on the Dorstone questionnaire to be presented as a basis for discussion at the parish launch meetings in May (see below).
8. Additional Steering Group members and advisers:
a. Becka Goodwin agreed to act as our young people link and invite some of them to join our consultative group.
b. Pamela Tribe and Diana Palmer agreed to continue their efforts to get email addresses and phone numbers of Dorinda Watkins, Arleen Clare and their other contacts
c. After note: At the Parish Council meeting that followed, Phillip Hope said that he would assist in trying to get more non farming and non-business contacts in and around Longtown. He also suggested that we might ask Sheila Watkins to help in assessing in a general way opinions voiced by customers at the Crown. Steering Group members may wish to express an opinion on this.
9. Launch meetings: It was agreed that meetings would take place on the following dates, subject to a check on other public events:
a. Craswall: Monday 18 May at 7.30pm
b. Walterstone: Tuesday 19 May at 7.30pm
c. Llanveynoe and Longtown: Thursday 21 May at 7.30pm
10. Publicity materials: Diana Palmer and Pamela Tribe undertook to prepare flyers, posters and other publicity materials, decide on a colour theme and possibly, a logo.
11. Work programme: It was agreed that before the May parish meetings the consultative group should be expanded and that Samantha Banks should be kept informed of plans and progress.
12. Training: David F informed the meeting that there were no more Locality training days and agreed to forward the training details he had been given by Samantha Banks to Pamela T and Diana P.
13. The next meeting of the Steering Group will be at 7pm on Wednesday 11 February at the Crown Inn.