NDP Minutes 21st July 2014

Meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 21 July 2014 in Longtown Village Hall

1. Present: Neil Cowles (Chairman), Diana Palmer, Jim Hardy, Pamela Tribe, Lorraine Watkins, David Freeman (taking minutes). There were no apologies for absence.

2. The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

3. The Kirkwells tender. It was decided to invite Kirkwells to a meeting to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan (NP). The costs were discussed and it was agreed that the sub-committee should negotiate with Kirkwells with the aim of reducing the cost of the contract by taking on more of its tasks ourselves. The Chairman agreed to contact Kirkwells and arrange some possible dates.

4. Grants. The availability of grants was discussed and grants of £2500 and £7000 were mentioned. The Chairman agreed to ask Linda Cowles (LC) to bid immediately to the County Council for the £2000 and investigate the £7,000 grant further.

5. Example documents. David Freeman (DMF) said that he was getting a flyer and a questionnaire from the Ewyas Harold NP group. It was agreed that these would be useful in composing our own documents. Lorraine Watkins (LW) agreed to get a questionnaire from Dorstone.

6. Other grants. DMF agreed to contact the County Council and clarify the possibility that, once the NP was in place, the Parish Council would be eligible for a grant from the County Council.

7. Document custody. DMF informed the meeting that (LC) had agreed to be custodian of the core documents of the project.

8. Pay for LC. After discussion it was decided that a proposal should be tabled at the next Parish Council meeting that the Council should pay LC’s fees for work done on the NP.

9. Name change. It was agreed that the Sub Committee should change its name to the Steering Committee since that appeared to be the term in use at County Hall.

10. Next meeting. The next meeting would be on the date that we agreed for the meeting with Kirkwells.

11. The meeting closed at 8.20pm