NDP Minutes 21st June 2017

Minutes of Meeting held on June 21st Crown Pub

Present : Diana Palmer, Judy Cecil, Polly Hearsey, Jim Hardy, Bill Bloxsome , Pamela Tribe.

Apologies :
There were no apologies.
Minutes of meeting held on April 12th :
These were approved and signed.
There were no matters arising.
Call for Sites:
A brief account of meeting with Diana, Bill and Pamela on June 8th to look at sites.
It was important that anyone offering a site must do so in writing.
Bill said that with the low-density we would be looking for, we would need about 5 acres to accommodate the minimum allocation of houses.
It was agreed that we needed to know our settlement boundary. Bill agreed to contact Sam
Banks for this.
It was agreed to ask Lin to provide an electronic map for us.
When assessing sites for inclusion in the plan we should consider those identified by Herefordshire Council within its strategic assessment.
Criteria : Effect on Environment, Effect on the Settlement Biodiversity, Amenity of neighbours, Transport ( safe access, visibility, capacity of road etc), Community – will it affect effectiveness of the way the community works, Housing needs – will these be met? ( minimum 22 )
Sites :
Two sites had been offered. These were discussed with the ones identified by the council and by Bill Bloxsome . We must make allowances for a) windfalls within the boundary and b) windfalls outside the boundary, c) barn conversions. The Castle and environs would be a big issue.
Action :
We need to establish who is offering, and have it in writing.
We need to create a Diary of Events to show that we are trying to consult as widely as possible. ( Diana went to the Longtown Library to display there NP objectives, and to reach a wider audience )
We need to have a presence at the Longtown Show on Aug 19th – a tent with displays. Judy and
Diana offered to write the Draft Plan by the end of September, and it was felt that this would enable us to have a Consultation by the autumn.
There was no other business.
The meeting was therefore closed at 7.50pm
The next meeting will be on 9th August at 7.30pm in the Crown Pub