NDP Minutes 27th January 2017

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Meeting held on Friday 27th Jan 2017 in the Crown Pub at 7.30

Present : Diana Palmer ( Chair) , Judy Cecil, Pamela Tribe, Chris Gooding, Bill Bloxsome.
Apologies: None.
Minutes of the meeting held on 31st Oct 2016 were approved and signed. Judy would like a copy of the minutes to be published on the Website.
1. Policies and Objectives :
Chris would send a Policy Compendium, but not available at present.
The Policies and Objectives were all available and would be reviewed by Chris and Bill :
Transport, roads and infrastructure ( Diana and Pamela)
Housing, Economy, Natural Heritage and Built Heritage ( Diana and Jim)
Environment (Polly)
Services and Facilities ( Judy and Neil)
We need to look at all Objectives : Judy to collect and then forward to Diana, who will forward to the committee. Polly would be asked for the Environment Objectives. The Objectives must be supported by the Policies. JC DP
2. Parish Public Meetings:
Walterstone, Craswall and Longtown would be drop-in meetings with no speakers. However it was agreed to ask Julie if she would attend all three meetings to explain about verges or if not to delegate to someone else. The meetings may be preceded by a Parish meeting. Local councillors would be expected to attend their own meeting, and hopefully would support the other two. Pamela was asked to circulate a sign -up list. PT Chris said he would be available to attend.
Each Area of Policy would have a manned table at the meeting. Information would be on display boards ( Pamela to investigate.) There would be opportunity for parishioners to look at the Objectives and comment, and list in order of preference. Post -it notes would be available.PT
3. Call for land.
It was suggested that there should be a large map of the parishes which might indicate where possible locations might be. It was thought that Graham Powell might have a large map. There might also be the need for a Housing Association.
Bill spoke about the Farmstead approach, and it was suggested that we could develop a policy where farmsteads might be encouraged to build. There are significant buildings around farms. Chris spoke about the Affordable Housing approach, cross-subsidised by normal housing. It was possible that we would qualify for Rural Exception sites.
It was suggested that we get an updated Housing Survey of Need. Chris will check the Herefordshire Council Housing Needs website. He would also give us a proforma for the call for sites. CG
4.Signing up for housing.
Bill suggested that a list be made (possibly once a year) for people to register their interest to live here, and what type of property they would want, and it was agreed to ask the Clerk to put it on the website.DP
5.Non-Planning Policies and Planning Policies.
Non-Planning Policies would be added as an addendum .
Planning policies ( Infrastructure, Housing and Environment ) were probably in the Core Strategy, and could be duplicated if wished or referred to.
6.Publicity :
The Clerk will asked to put information on the Website,with a copy of the questionnaire. Chris will set up a questionnaire on line, with copies of the Call for sites proforma .CG.
Bill will do hard copies and also maps. BB
Judy will design posters and put on website. Also print A4 size on yellow paper with logo, for distribution around the parishes. The Clerk to be asked to laminate them JC
7. Final details:
Chris will send the final survey results of the questionnaires, the business questionnaires and the YPs questionnaire which Diana will send to Judy and Pamela. CG DP
Diana will send out policies and Chris will bring them to the next meeting to work on a presentation. Diana will find out from the Clerk or the Chairman if there is an Electronic Base Map and also whether we need a licence for it. DP
There was a question about whether there should be a policy concerning landscapes and whether the area should be classified as an AONB. This would be left until the next meeting for discussion.
The meeting was closed at 9pm.
The next meeting would be at the Crown Pub on Friday 3rd February at 7.30pm
It is vital that ALL THE COMMITTEE come to that meeting to discuss and prepare for the Public Meetings.
Pamela was asked to contact everyone. PT
Diana Palmer
Jim Hardy
Judy Cecil
Polly Hearsey Julie Jones
Pamela Tribe