NDP Minutes 3rd February 2017

Minutes of meeting held on Feb 3rd 2017

Present : Diana Palmer, Jim Hardy, Judy Cecil, Chris Gooding, Pamela Tribe.

No apologies.

It was decided to change the meeting date to Weds. Judy to email all.JC

Judy will put the results of the Survey on Website, on and the Clerk will be asked to put it on Face-book and in the Newsletter. JC
The Call for Sites questionnaire will go on line when the link is ready.CG
The Clerk will be asked to print 50 Paper copies to be available from Neville Powell, Diana and Pamela Tribe. DP
Judy will do a poster.JC
Freepost envelopes supplied by Chris.CG

Boards : Diana, Judy and Pamela would go to see the Notice Boards at the Outdoor Centre on Wed 8th Feb. DP JC PT
It was decided that Chris would investigate buying boards. CG

Policies : Chris would do all policies, and put on line ready for advertising in Newsletter in two edi-tions. CG
Bill would find out how many houses were still allocated to be built in Longtown village.BB

Volunteers. Chris would contact all who volunteered in the Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire. He would invite them to come to the Public meetings. CG

Annual listing: The Clerk will do a list on the website for anyone wanting to register an interest in buying or renting in the Longtown area. The Clerk

Finance : The current grant deadline was extended by the Clerk to April 5th. It was important that the next grant was applied for by the middle of Feb. The Clerk.

Maps : It was decided to follow through with the last meeting’s decision to provide maps for the Public Meetings. DP

The minutes of the meeting held on 27th Jan were approved and signed.

The meeting was then closed.