NDP Minutes 3rd July 2015


Friday 3 July 2015 at the Crown Inn Longtown at 8pm


1. Present: Pamela Tribe, Polly Waddington, Jim Hardy, Richard Stein, David Freeman, Julie Jones. In the absence of Diana Palmer, Pamela Tribe took the chair.

2. Apologies: Diana Palmer.

3. The minutes of the 5 June meeting were agreed and signed.

4. There were no declarations of interest.

5. Social media update: PW will set up the Facebook page and will send out instructions on subscribing to it.

6. Grant update: DF reported that a grant of £4800 had been obtained by the Parish Council Clerk (Linda Cowles), making a total of £10800 available, less expenditure to date. DF will get the latest balance from the Clerk.

7. Local groups briefings: PT reported that she had a good response from the WI and said that several members were willing to help distribute questionnaires when the time came. PT also said that she had arranged to talk to the Thursday Club on 6 August but that she was still trying to make contact with the YF.

8. Report on the CPRE meeting: JH said that he had attended a useful meeting organised by CPRE. He said that CPRE, in association with NALC, had produced a guide to neighbourhood planning and he reported on the progress of planning in Leominster and other parishes in the County. Several of them had commented on the importance of a land survey to the planning process and this provoked a general discussing in the SG on the subject of surveys. DF said that he was in the process of making a project plan as instructed and this would include whatever surveys the SG considered appropriate (see below, item 11).

9. Terms of reference: DF reported that the draft terms of reference had been approved by the Parish Council at its previous meeting.

10. The questionnaire: JJ distributed copies of a document showing the concerns raised by parishioners grouped by topic and where appropriate, by parish. It was agreed that the way forward now is as follows:

a. Sub groups would formulate the issues, using JJ’s compilation.
b. The results will be returned to JJ as soon as possible so that she can incorporate them into one document, which will be discussed at the next SG meeting (24 July).
c. This document would then be submitted to CG so that he can frame the questions in the most effective way. DF would ask CG if he could do so in time for the August meeting of the SG.
d. The meeting congratulated JJ on a job well done.

11. Draft action plan: DF said he was working with CG on a detailed plan that would set out the stages to completion of the plan and also detail the actions to be taken at each stage.

12. Next meeting: 24 July at the Crown Inn at 8pm.

13. The meeting closed at 9.10pm.