NDP Minutes 5th June 2015


Friday 5 June 2015 in the Crown Inn at 7.30pm


1. Present: Jim Hardy, Richard Stein, Pamela Tribe, Julie Jones (from 8.10pm), David Freeman, Polly Waddington (by invitation), Martin Jones (accompanying Julie Jones), Chris Gooding (Data Orchard).

2. Apologies: Neil Cowles, Diana Palmer.

3. Resignations: Neil Cowles, Becka Goodwin.

4. Election of chairperson: NC having resigned from the SG due to work commitments, DP (absent) had already offered to stand as chairperson and was endorsed by the meeting. In the absence of DP, JH agreed to chair the meeting.

5. New SG member: PW kindly agreed to join with special responsibility for social media.

6. Minutes of the meeting on 1 May were agreed and signed by JH.

7. Declarations of interest: it was agreed that all future agendas should include declarations of interest.

8. Terms of reference: two examples were discussed. It was agreed that Example 2 should be used as the basis for a draft to be presented for approval at the next Parish Council meeting. DF would write the draft and include additions/amendments as agreed by the SG (available on request).

9. Launch meeting results:

a. JJ agreed to collate the suggestions from all 3 meetings, group them under topic headings and distribute the results.
b. It was also agreed that SG members would divide into teams that undertake to further examine 2 topics groups each and frame draft questions for the questionnaire.
c. JJ is requested to list the teams against their topics.
d. The draft questions would then be submitted to CG for rewording where necessary.

10. Reaching people and groups:

a. PT promised to arrange visits to the Young Farmers, the WI and the Thursday Club to explain the NP.
b. JJ agreed to do the same for the school.
c. DF agreed to contact the Parish Clerk on the subject of setting up a dedicated NP page on the Longtown Parish Group website and publishing the minutes of the Steering Group meetings on it.
d. PT volunteered to be the liaison member for the Parish Newsletter.
e. It was agreed that minutes of the SG meetings should be circulated to Parish Councillors.
f. It was agreed that the dates and places of SG meetings should be published so that parishioners could attend if they so wished.
g. PW agreed to attend the next Parish Council meeting (Wednesday 17 June at 8pm in the Longtown village Hall) to speak on plans to use social media to reach more groups.
h. It was agreed that the subject of a NP stall at the Longtown Show (Saturday 15 August) should be discussed at the next meeting.

11. The next meeting will be on Friday 3 July at 7.30pm at the Crown Inn, Longtown.