NDP Minutes 6th November 2015


Friday 6 November at the Crown Inn Longtown at 7pm


1. Present: Diana Palmer, Pamela Tribe, Judy Cecil, Polly Waddington, Jim Hardy, David Freeman.

2. Apologies: Richard Stein, Julie Jones.

3. The SG agreed amendments to the minutes of the 18 September meeting. DF will circulate the amended version for endorsement and signature by DP.

4. There were no declarations of interest.

5. Adult questionnaire revision:

a. DF will ask CG to check the authority and the wording of the description of AONB regulations, especially as they relate to local businesses. He will also ask CG to circulate them to the SG asp so that Linda Cowles can send them to all Parish Councillors before the 18 November PC meeting. The information should cite the authority for the regulations in order to circumvent prolonged discussion on the subject in the PC.

b. DF will also ask DG to add brownfield sites to Box 10 and confirm that the question “would you like a prescription service?” should be added to Box 27.

c. The SG agreed that the questionnaires should be delivered and collected by hand as previously decided and not on line. Some of the documentation invites on line responses, so DF will raise this with CG, ask him to amend the questionnaires as necessary and tell the SG on what other NP groups are doing on this.

d. DP and JH will draft a question on whether Walterstone should leave Longtown Group and join Ewyas Harold. The draft will include the major factors to be considered in such a move.

6. CYP questionnaire revision:

a. There was general agreement that the latest version of the CYP questionnaire as sponsored by PW is a great improvement and those involved with CYP thought that, in general, it met with a good response across the age spectrum, though it was difficult to please everyone.
b. The terms and conditions of the draw were agreed and will be presented to the PC meeting at the 18 November meeting.
c. A Craswall Young Farmers meeting in Craswall was attended by PT, a random group in Longtown has been consulted by PW and individuals were interviewed. There appears to be a favourable response and no major issues were raised. PW is asked to pass any minor changes to CG for later circulation to the PC and SG.
d. It was decided that a visit to the schools would be scheduled closer to the date of the distribution of questionnaires.

7. Business questionnaire revision (DF to raise with CG):

a. Box 10 should read “If you are moving premises outside the four parishes or are considering doing so, what are your reasons?”
b. Box 17: “real estate activities” should be changed to read “land and estate management”.
c. Box 17, add “service industries”.
d. At the end of the questionnaire reference to answering on line should be deleted to conform with the decision at item 5c above.

8. Social media:

a. PW reported that the SG minutes were now on Facebook and that the page was being seen by 250 accounts a week.
b. PW also suggest that the Promises Auction on Friday 27 November would be a good opportunity to update parishioners on the Neighbourhood Plan. DP and PT agreed to do this.

9. NDP training 18 November (Submission and Examination): DF and DP will be attending.

10. Finance: DF reported on his meeting with LC and CG 29 October. Details had been circulated to SG members for the record.

11. The logo proposed by JH was agreed.

12. The next steps:

a. Amendments to the questionnaires will be finalised and documents prepared for printing.
b. A timetable including dates for the distribution and collection of questionnaires and the CYP schools visits (item 6d, above) will be decided.
c. The detailed arrangements for the collection and distribution of the questionnaires will be planned.
d. CG will be invited to attend the next meeting.

13. Next meeting: at the Crown Inn will be on Friday 20 November 2015 at 7.00pm.

14. The meeting ended at 8.30pm.