NDP Minutes 9th March 2015

Monday 9 March 2015 at the Crown Inn at 7.00pm

1. Present: Neil Cowles, Diana Palmer, Pamela Tribe, Jim Hardy, David Freeman.
2. Apologies for absence: Becka Goodwin
3. Minutes of previous meetings: minutes of the meetings on 15 and 21 January and 11 February were agreed and signed by the Chairman.
4. Consultants’ quotes: DF said that he had sent a blank bid form to Chris Gooding of Data Orchard in Allensmore. CG had agreed to provide a quote but wished to discuss it in more detail. The meeting instructed DF to arrange a meeting to do so.
5. Launch meetings:
a. Members of the Steering agreed to take on the leadership of parish meetings as follows: NC in Craswall, PT and DF in Llanveynoe/Longtown and DP/JH in Walterstone. They would be supported by other members of the Steering Group as required.
b. DF agreed to draft a standard meeting template so that all the meetings would follow the same format. This would be done on Powerpoint, minus the bells and whistles, and submitted to the Steering Group for approval.
c. DF would also research and produce a list of FAQs for the speakers.
d. NC agreed to check the availability of a Powerpoint projector and screen.
e. NC also agreed to provide blank flip charts and a stand so that parishioners could write their suggestions at the meetings.
f. DF said that it would be necessary to have a trial run coordinated with NC and LC and conducted in Longtown village hall.
g. PT and DP agreed to take on catering for all the meetings. It was agreed that drinks and recyclable eats would be provided.
6. New grants:
a. A new grant of up to £8,000 is now available and grant seminars are to be hosted by the County Council on Thursday 26 March and Wednesday 15 April.
b. PT and DF said they would apply for a slot on the 15 April seminar at 2pm.
7. Posters and flyers:
a. It was decided that flyers for the launch meetings would be distributed on 25 April.
b. It was suggested that the draft launch meeting flyer would be improved by putting a photograph more representative of the area on the front. NC agreed to photograph the Catsback from the south as a possible candidate.
c. DF reported that he had contacted Royal Mail to find out the cost of posting the flyers to every household in the four parishes or alternatively, only to the more inaccessible properties. After note: DF has now had a response. He will study it and report.
8. The consultative group: PT suggested that the consultative group should be invited to attend the next meeting and PT, DP and DF agreed to do this.
9. Date of the next meeting: Friday 10 April at 7.30pm at the Crown.