NDP Minutes 9th September 2016


Friday 9 September 2016 at the Crown Inn Longtown at 7.30pm


1. Present: Judy Cecil, Polly Waddington, David Freeman, Jim Hardy, Diana Palmer, Pamela Tribe, Chris Gooding.

2. There were no apologies for absence.

3. The minutes of the 12 February meeting were agreed and signed.

4. There were no declarations of interest.

5. It was agreed that that the results of the survey in April were generally in line with expectations.

6. The next steps:

a. Bill Bloxsome (Data Orchard) will attend the next meeting and become the Data Orchard lead for the next phases of the project.

b. The Steering Group (SG) will frame the vision for the future of the community and identify a list of objectives in the various categories. Responsibilities for drafting these objectives will be as follows:

i. Environment and energy: Polly Waddington
ii. Roads, transport and infrastructure: Pamela Tribe and David Freeman
iii. Housing: Diana Palmer and Jim Hardy
iv. Services and facilities: Judy Cecil and Julie Jones (see note)

7. The objectives will be framed as tables, with the relevant questionnaire references and incorporated by DF into a single list. They will then be ‘populated’ with a series of planning policies.

8. An exhibition will be prepared presenting the vision, objectives and policies and full survey reports. This will be presented to the Parish Council on Wednesday 19 October. It will then be taken to the community by the start of November.

9. It was agreed that the full consultation process would be followed.

10. Summary of dates:

a. Friday 23 September: Objectives list to DF
b. Wednesday 28 September: Steering Group meeting at 7.30pm at the Crown
c. Wednesday 19 October: Exhibition proposal presented to the Parish Council
d. November: Exhibitions in the community

11. The meeting ended at 8.30pm