Minutes 19th April 2017

Craswall, Llanveynoe, Longtown and Walterstone

Minutes of the Longtown Group Parish Council meeting held on
Wednesday 19th April 2017 at 8.00pm in Walterstone Village Hall.

PRESENT – Mr N Cowles (Chairman), Mrs G Watkins, Mrs J Probert, Mr P Hope, Ms D Palmer, Mrs P Tribe and Mrs J Cecil.
IN ATTENDANCE – Mrs L Cowles (Clerk)
1. ACCEPT APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Mr J Turner, Mr N Powell and Mr J Hardy.
2. RECEIVE DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & CONSIDER ANY WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATION – Mr N Cowles and Mrs G Watkins declared a non-disclosable interest in agenda item 7.4; the declarations book was signed accordingly.
3. ADOPT MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS ORDINARY MEETING – 15th March 2017 & THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING FOR WALTERSTONE – 20th April 2016 – amendments were made to page 658; item 5.3 to ‘Lower Blackhill Farm’ and page 661; item 11 to remove ‘for the Lengthsman to cut at a different date’. The minutes were then signed as a true and accurate record.
4. OPEN DISCUSSION – No members of the public attended the meeting and therefore no specific points were raised.
5.1 Local Police – The local police were unable to attend the meeting.
5.2 Lengthsman – Mr T Griffiths was unable to attend the meeting. Mr Cowles has signed off the latest March worksheets. Pothole reported on C1205 near Tan House, Longtown. There was a discussion concerning the very poor quality of the roads in general and the issue of some potholes being filled whilst others close by are left. The stile at the Cat’s Back car park has still not been fixed, it was agreed to ask the Lengthsman to repair this.
6. CLERKS UPDATE – Planning application 163709, Land at Central Kitchens Industrial Estate, Longtown has been granted. Chapel House in Craswall has applied for a sale of alcohol licence. Linzy Outtrim has advised that she has been offered a different role within Balfour Beatty and therefore they are currently looking to recruit a new Locality Steward to cover the Golden Valley area. There has been no response from Balfour Beatty regarding the request from the Parish Council to consider a specific date for the grass cutting or the request for additional footpath way markers. It was agreed that Parish Council Footpath Officers can change the wayleave markers in each parish. The grass cutting schedules will be on the Herefordshire Councils website soon and the culvert work on the Craswall to Hay on Wye road has been completed for the moment although there is additional work still to be done but no timescale yet. Herefordshire Council has been contacted regarding tree removal around Longtown Castle by somebody stating they were from the Parish Council, the Enforcement Officer was advised that this was not the case. Would anybody be prepared to store the pallet of salt currently held at the Clerk’s address? It was agreed to contact the people who currently keep a supply in the parish or store with the Lengthsman. Dates – The Code of Conduct consultation runs until 25th April, it was agreed to respond that Councillors were happy with the draft. Balfour Beatty are holding two Parish Briefings on 2nd May from 2.30pm – 4pm and 4th May from 6pm – 7.30pm. Neighbourhood Plan workshop on 2nd May – Mrs Cecil has reserved a place. Community Housing Information event on 19th May and Rural area site allocations DPD information event on 22nd May.
Site: Perthy Parton, Longtown, Herefordshire. HR2 0LQ
Description: Erection of an oak framed garden room 5.3m wide and 5m deep,
sat on a natural stone plinth.
Application No: 170833 Grid Ref: 331842:229718
COMMENT – Whilst the building materials are acceptable, would smaller dimensions be more in keeping with the look of the house.
Site: Great House, Longtown, Herefordshire. HR2 0LS
Description: Installation of a hard surface tennis court together with associated
landscaping work. Works to include a wildlife pond in part of the adjoining
Application No: 170580 Grid Ref: 332517:228435
Site: Pontynys Mill, Longtown, Herefordshire. HR2 0LU
Description: Proposed agricultural storage building on the site of a previous agricultural
Application No: 171103 Grid Ref: 332684:228841
Site: Hillbrook, Craswall, Herefordshire. HR2 0PH
Description: Change of use of existing outbuilding to ancillary annex and associated
external works including a single storey rear extension.
Application No: 171207 Grid Ref: 330270:232563
Site: 2 Pen Pwll Sond, Longtown, Herefordshire. HR2 0LQ
Description: Proposal to alter and enlarge existing conservatory.
Application No: 170257 Grid Ref: 331800:229878
Site: Offas Dyke Retreat, Longtown, Herefordshire.
Description: Change of use of land from agricultural to glamping site comprising
of four converted railway carriages, two log pods, two bell tents and
associated facilities buildings, parking, landscaping and package treatment
plant (part retrospective).
Application No: 164010 Grid Ref: 332830:228764
8.1 Confirmation of bank balance – £3713.50 Statement Sheet No. 212 issued 10th April 2017.
8.2 Receipts – £1528.00 Lengthsman Claim
8.3 Payment to Mr T Griffiths, invoice no. TGC2012 – Roads Account March 2017 (Specific task work) of £377.00 plus VAT and invoice no. TGC2020 – Roads Account March 2017 of £350.00 plus VAT – Payment agreed.
8.4 Payment to HALC, invoice no. 7321 for Affiliation & Subscription fees of £504.09 plus VAT – Payment agreed.
8.5 Payment to HALC, invoice no. 7432 for Audit training course of £15.00 plus VAT – Payment agreed.
8.6 Payment to Data Orchard invoice no. 0033 for Neighbourhood Plan of £948.62 plus VAT- Payment agreed.
8.7 Payment to Longtown Village Hall for Neighbourhood Plan Parish meeting of £30.00 – Payment agreed.
8.8 Payment to Mrs Linda Cowles for March 2017 Clerk’s hours, £14.45 printer ink and £14.52 stamps – Payment agreed.
8.9 Payment to HMRC of £147.60 January 2017 – March 2017 PAYE – Payment agreed.
9. INTERNAL AUDITER – It was agreed to appoint GV Accounting as the Internal Auditor.
10. LENGTHSMAN 2017/18 – It was agreed to sign the Lengthsman contract with Herefordshire Council for 2017/18. Mr P Hope will take over as the Lengthsman co-ordinator and the Lengthsman contract will be put out to tender in November this year to cover the 2018/19 period.
11. NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – Ms D Palmer and Mrs J Cecil had been at Hope of Longtown on Saturday 15th April to raise awareness of the plan and promote the call for sites along with the new Parish Council website. There had been quite a lot of interest with generally good feedback although some people said they had no knowledge of the Neighbourhood Plan. They will be at the shop again on Saturday 29th April. Data Orchard will be forwarding proposals for the draft plan based on all the information and comments received to date.
12. STANDING ORDERS – Clerk to contact Ms J Jones for an update on the draft copy of the Standing Orders. It was agreed that Mr N Cowles and the Clerk would review the orders if Ms Jones is unable to complete them by the May meeting.
13. DEFIBRILLATORS – The defibrillators and cabinets have now been delivered and were distributed to representatives of Walterstone village hall and Craswall village hall. The Clerk has been in contact with Nicholas Lowton concerning the installation of one at Craswall Church and will contact BT with regards to installing the last one at the phone box in Llanveynoe. As part of the agreement with the British Heart Foundation training sessions will need to be organised once this equipment has been installed.
14. MAY NEWSLETTER – Neighbourhood Plan call for sites, website, Councillor vacancies, defibrillators and date of annual meeting.
15. NOTE THE CORRESPONDENCE SHEET – The correspondence sheet was noted.
16. RAISE MATTERS FOR THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE GROUP PARISH COUNCIL – 17th May 2017 at 8.00pm in Longtown Village Hall – Cost of installing the defibrillators and verge cutting schedules.