Minutes 20th June 2018

Minutes of the Longtown Group Parish Council Meeting held at the Longtown Village Hall, Longtown HR2 0LD on Wednesday 20th June 2018 commencing at 8:00pm.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Councillors J Cecil (Chair), J Hardy (Vice Chair), P Hope, J Jones, N Powell, J Probert, P Tribe and L Watkins.

ALSO PRESENT: PCSO Fiona Witcher and Paul Russell, Locum Clerk/RFO.


Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs D Palmer and G Watkins.


  • Cllr Powell: P181564 (personal)

27/18   NOTICE OF REGISTRABLE INTERESTS – Councillors were reminded to update their Notice of Registrable Interests if required.

28/18   ADOPT MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING – It was RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Council Meetings held on 18th April and 22nd May 2018 be agreed and signed as a correct record.

29/18   OPEN DISCUSSION – There were no members of the public present. PCSO Witcher presented the following report:

  • There had been one reported crime in the past month;
  • A number of concerns had been raised regarding a white van collecting scrap. This was currently being addressed;
  • Councillors were requested to call or email the Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team to report any issues.

Council considered the Town and Parish Council Survey 2018 being undertaken by the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia and following consideration RESOLVED to submit its response as agreed.

30/18   COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE REVIEW – Council welcomed Mr Coleman who will speak on this matter. Council noted that Community Governance Reviews (CGR) were undertaken every 10-15 years to address growth and service changes and to encourage access to local democracy. Currently seven CGRs were being undertaken by Herefordshire Council for a variety of reasons. Each were being conducted under the 2007 legislation.

Concern was expressed that residents had not been aware of the Review taking place locally. It was confirmed that Herefordshire Council tried to communicate CGRs through a number of avenues including social media, the website and posters, as well as through the local parish council. In the case of every review being undertaken responses from the community had been very low although there was no minimum threshold for the number of responses received. The Longtown review had elicited two responses. Both had proposed a different option to the one being consulted upon.

CGR guidance required reviews to be completed within a year and that there should be a clear year either side of elections. Due to issues in Longtown this process had been delayed. Following discussion Council RESOLVED to pause the Review due to the responses being significantly different from the original proposals and revisit the matter in 2021.


Council RESOLVED to submit the following comments to Herefordshire Council:


SITE:                                          Llandraw Farm, Craswall HR2 0PW

DESCRIPTION:                         To establish the domestic curtilage of the site at Llandraw Farm and the proposed refurbishment of and extension of the existing farmhouse.

COMMENT:                               No objection.


SITE:                                          Ty Caradog Farm, Longtown HR2 0JN

DESCRIPTION:                         Proposed sheep handling building.

COMMENT:                               No objection.


SITE:                                          Forest Farm, Craswall HR2 0PN

DESCRIPTION:                         Proposed covered muck store.

COMMENT:                               No objection.


The following grants were noted:


SITE:                                          Land at Craswall, Adj. Forest House, Craswall HR2 0PN

DESCRIPTION:                         Proposed agricultural building.

COMMENT:                               Approved with conditions


SITE:                                          Court Farm, Craswall HR2 0PX

DESCRIPTION:                         Proposed installation of 33 sq metres of solar panels on the 330 sq metre roof of the modern barn (10% covering).

COMMENT:                               Approved with conditions


SITE:                                          1 Crossway Cottages, C1219 Nuthatch Cottage to Gwent Boundary HR2 0DX

DESCRIPTION:                         Proposed construction of small stone barn

COMMENT:                               Approved with conditions


SITE:                                          Old Shawls Farm, Craswall

DESCRIPTION:                         (Retrospective) Change of use on small area of farm to place one glamping shepherds hut with compost toilet and shower. All are portable/on wheels plus one bell tent. Campsite to be in use 10 months per year max.

COMMENT:                               Approved with conditions


SITE:                                          Old Public, Craswall HR2 0PN

DESCRIPTION:                         Proposed agricultural building.

COMMENT:                               Approved with conditions


(a)       Accounts Outstanding and Financial Statement – Council approved the payment of £356.00 to the Locum Clerk/RFO. No other invoices had been received for June 2018:

(b)       Annual Governance Statement – Following consideration Council RESOLVED to approve the 2017/18 Annual Governance Statement.

(c)       End of Year Accounts – Following consideration it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to formally adopt the End of Year Accounts for the 2017/18 financial year.

(d)       GDPR – Following consideration it was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to adopt the following policies and procedures in order for the Parish Council to achieve GDPR compliance:

  • Data Protection Policy
  • Data Breach Procedure
  • Subject Access Request procedure
  • Retention Policy

34/18   FOOTPATHS AND BRIDLEWAYS – Council considered various options to help address the issues raised at the Annual Parish meeting. Following discussion it was agreed:

  • That Cllr Cecil attends the briefing session being held by Balfour Beatty;
  • That Councillors and residents be encouraged to proactively walk the various footpaths in the Parish;
  • That the nominated Council Footpath Officers submit regular update reports to Council for consideration;
  • That the main priority footpaths in the area be identified;
  • That Council fully supports the opening up of the footpaths.

It was agreed to request the Lengthsman to undertake works to cut back the visual splays throughout the parishes.

35/18   NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN UPDATE – Council noted progress to date on the NDP. An application would be submitted for additional grant funding to complete the next stage of the process. It was expected that the draft NDP would be completed by 20th July 2018 in time for the next Steering Group meeting which would be held on 13th August 2018.

36/18   LOCUM CONTRACT – This item was deferred until the meeting to be held on 18/07/18.

37/18   SCHOOL SIGNAGE – Council noted that the signage had been ordered and the invoice settled. A request had been received from the School for the use of an area to the rear of the Longtown Village Hall. Following discussion it was agreed to support this initiative subject to the views of the Village Hall Management Committee.

38/18   RECRUITMENT OF CLERK – Council noted that a revised advert for a new Clerk would be advertised through Hoople Recruitment at a cost of £125 + VAT. Further options would be explored through the Hereford Times and a budget of up to £150 was allocated. The closing date for applications would be 27th July 2018 with interviews being held in August/September and an appointment being made at Full Council at its meeting on Wednesday 19th September 2018.

39/18   NOTE THE CORRESPONDENCE SHEET – Council noted the correspondence sheet below:

  • Locality Steward Weekly Briefings – May & June 2018
  • Herefordshire Council, Road Closures June 2018 – Update to programme
  • Herefordshire Rural Hub June 2018 newsletter
  • Herefordshire Armed Forces Day
  • Herefordshire Budget Consultation letter
  • PCC town and parish council survey
  • End of Year accounts
  • Police Newsletter – May 2018
  • Code of Conduct Information
  • Crime Prevention advice poster

40/18   DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Council noted that the next meeting would be held on Wednesday 18th July 2018.

There being no other business the Chair thanked members for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10:06pm.