Minutes 15th March 2017

Craswall, Llanveynoe, Longtown and Walterstone

Minutes of the Longtown Group Parish Council meeting held on
Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 7.30pm in Craswall Village Hall.

PRESENT – Mr N Cowles (Chairman), Mr J Turner, Mrs J Cecil, Mrs G Watkins, Mr N Powell, Ms D Palmer, Mrs L Watkins and Mr J Hardy.
IN ATTENDANCE – Mrs L Cowles (Clerk), Ward Councillor Graham Powell, Mr T Griffiths (Lengthsman) and one member of the public.
2. RECEIVE DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST & CONSIDER ANY WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATION – There were no declarations of interest or written applications for dispensation.
3. ADOPT MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS ORDINARY MEETING – 15th February 2017 – Amendment made to agenda item 5.2 to include motorbikes were NOT allowed to ride on Bridleways, the minutes were then signed as a true and accurate record. THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING FOR CRASWALL & LLANVEYNOE – 16th March 2016 – The minutes were signed as a true and accurate record.
4. OPEN DISCUSSION – No specific points were raised.
5.1 Ward Councillor Graham Powell – Councillor Powell’s report had been distributed to Councillors via email before the meeting and included: –
2017/18 Council Tax Update
Spring Budget – Adult Social Care
Marches Local Enterprise Partnership
Midlands Connect
There will be a Community Engagement Event in Ewyas Harold on 6th April 2017 to view the proposals to close the road at the Pontrilas Army Training Area.
Graham also advised that this would probably be his last appearance at the parish council meetings as his house was currently on the market with a view to leave the area. He thanked Councillors for their help, kindness and friendship and wished them all the very best for the future. The Chairman thanked Graham for all his efforts over the years, he will be sorely missed.
A full report is available via the Longtown Parish Council website, or on request, from the Clerk.
5.2 Local Police – The local police were unable to attend the meeting.
5.3 Lengthsman report and any new road defects – The Lengthsman reported that the maintenance days were on schedule although the regular visit on Friday this week will be used for urgent work on C1203 in Craswall near Lower Blackhill Farm. After a meeting with the Chairman and Clerk it has been agreed to complete works as requested on the U74412, C1205 – U74408 junction, C1203, C1213 and U75018 along with U75004.
Mrs G Watkins requested work information for U75018 in Craswall, Mr Griffiths advised that this road had not been marked as a council road and had therefore been missed from previous visits. It was confirmed that from April 2017 he would schedule in one maintenance day during April – September and then two days October – March 2018. With the budget change the Parish Council will need to confirm a schedule of works for 2017/18.
Mr Griffiths advised that he would be working in the Walterstone area on a private job if concerns were raised as to why he was working on private land.
Defects reported on C1203 near Crossways, ditch still to be cleared. Clerk to check whether the culvert works have been completed on C1203 towards Hay on Wye. Pothole U75005 towards the Catsback along with a broken stile onto the mountain.
Mrs L Watkins and Mr J Hardy joined the meeting.
6. CLERKS UPDATE – The Heartstart course on 7th March had been a great success and had been oversubscribed, the trainers had offered to do another course with a larger group if needs be.
Planning Permission granted on application number 170060, The Top, Lower Mascoed. HR2 0HP.
The issue with Bryn View in Longtown has been passed to Graham Powell who has forwarded the complaint to the planning department at Herefordshire Council.
Prices for grit bins range from £45.50 to £91.87, it was agreed to purchase a 60-litre bin and the Clerk will liaise with the local resident regarding where to site it.
The Boundary Commission proposals on the new constituency can be viewed and commented online until 27th March. Hereford Area Plan & Hereford Transport Package exhibition at the Coutyard will be open to Parish Councillors on 3rd April and to the public on 4th, 5th & 6th April.
The Clerk requested to attend a training course at HALC on 21st March regarding the Audit changes in 2017/18 at a cost of £30.00, this was agreed.
Site: 2 Pen Pwll Sond, Longtown, Herefordshire. HR2 0LQ
Description: Proposal to alter and enlarge existing conservatory.
Application No: 170257 Grid Ref: 331800:229878
Site: Penydre Cottage, Longtown, Herefordshire. HR2 0LE
Description: Renovation and extension of existing dwelling.
Application No: 170523 Grid Ref: 332078:228998
Site: Land at Central Kitchens Industrial Estate, Longtown, Herefordshire.
HR2 0LE.
Description: Variation of Condition 2 of Planning Permission SW2000/0137/F
to allow alterations to external appearance.
Application No: 163709 Grid Ref: 332097:229290
Site: Court Farm, Craswall, Herefordshire. HR2 0PX
Description: Proposed improvements to the existing farmhouse including
reinstatement and re-roofing of the derelict wing. Conversion and
re-roofing of the eastern end of the stone barns.
Application No: 170399/170400 Grid Ref: 328239:236684
8.1 Updated confirmation of bank balance – £2975.53 Statement Sheet No. 211 issued 10th March 2017.
8.2 Receipts – None.
8.3 Payment to Mr T Griffiths, invoice no. TGC1994 – Roads Account February 2017 (2) of £382.00 plus VAT – Payment Agreed.
8.4 Payment to Mrs Linda Cowles for February 2017 Clerk’s hours and £5.39 stationery – Payment Agreed.
8.5 Payment to Mrs J Cecil for Neighbourhood Plan advertising of £12.00 – Payment Agreed.
9. NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – Ms D Palmer reported that the parish meetings had gone ahead with 8 people attending in Walterstone, 21 people in Craswall and 25 people in Longtown. It was encouraging that people had engaged with the process and the majority agreed with the vision statement. Points raised included: –
Broad agreement on number of houses to be built.
Support that housing development should be spread around the Parishes, not just Longtown.
Support for developing Brownfield sites and redundant buildings.
No executive homes to be built.
Affordable housing for local people.
Better Broadband coverage.
Slightly less mobile phone access.
Most thought the roads could cope with the levels of traffic but needed better maintenance.
Footpaths to be better routed for leisure purposes.
Better footpath signage.
Support for diversification.
Some thought there was not enough support for the agricultural industry
Support traditional farming skills.
There was support in Craswall for keeping the Bulls Head as a pub.
People would like more information about becoming an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This would not be part of the Neighbourhood Plan process and would need to be looked at separately.
There was support for trying to get the Pontrillas railway station reopened.
Support for individual small scale natural energy sources.
Comments from the meetings will now go back to Data Orchard who will produce a draft plan. The next Steering Group meeting will be in mid-April. The call for sites posters are in each parish and there are plans to have an information morning/event outside Longtown village shop. Mr N Powell asked whether the minutes from the Craswall meeting had been sent to Data Orchard, this was confirmed by Ms D Palmer.
10. STANDING ORDERS – Update on revised Standing Orders – Defer to April meeting.
11. VERGE CUTTING SCHEDULES – There had been a handful of responses from Parishioners to the Parish Councils recent request for preferred dates of verge cutting, with dates of late June, after 31st July, early summer and October mentioned. Anthony Furness re-confirmed that the recommendation from Plantlife was to cut either once a year in mid-July – September. Twice a year in February – March, then again in September or mid-July – September and then again in December to help improve the biodiversity of the verges. At the Craswall parish meeting they had agreed that their preferred date would be one cut at the end of June or beginning of July. Of those who attended the Neighbourhood Plan parish meetings, nine people had commented in total; requesting verges to be cut on narrow lanes. Mr J Hardy was happy to pursue the idea of contacting the Wildlife Trust who may be interested in surveying the hedges which are the problem in this area rather than verges. It was highlighted that any chosen dates would not be agreeable to everyone. It was noted that contractors had cut this area last year earlier than other areas further down the mountain when the growing season here is later. The hedge cutting schedules were also not shown on the Herefordshire Council website as the Locality Steward suggested in her weekly briefing. Clerk to investigate.
Mrs G Watkins proposed cutting at the end of June or beginning of July, which was seconded by Mr N Powell, this was agreed by majority. Clerk to contact Balfour Beatty with preferred dates and request if specific areas could be omitted from the schedule.
12. PARISH COUNCIL WEBSITE – Whilst the website was a ‘work in progress’ it would be good to encourage people to subscribe to the newsletter to get automatic updates. There is the opportunity for the wider community to use the website to promote events. Christine Hope had kindly offered to let the Parish Council promote the website along with a ‘call for sites’ event outside Longtown shop on a Saturday morning. It was agreed that Judy Cecil would contact her with either Saturday 15th or 29th April as suggested dates.
13. DEFIBRILLATORS – Ten training kits have been received and the defibrillators should be delivered within 6 – 8 weeks. To be installed at Craswall village hall and Walterstone village hall. The Clerk had contacted The Revd Nicholas Lowton with the request to have one at Craswall Church and Llanveynoe Church, he would need to enquire with the PCC but alternatively suggested the phone box outside the church at Llanveynoe. The Clerk to investigate installing one defibrillator in the phone box.
14. BT PAYPHONE CONSULTATION – Anthony Bush from Herefordshire Council had contacted the Clerk concerning the adoption of the phone boxes by The Bulls Head in Craswall and in the centre of Longtown. As there is little or no mobile signal by the Bulls Head and the phone box in Longtown had been used over 60 times in the previous year they had agreed that the Parish Council should not adopt these. Therefore, the Parish Council would be adopting only two phone boxes.
15. APRIL NEWSLETTER – Thanks for attending Neighbourhood Plan meetings, call for development sites, defibrillators, website, motorbikes on the mountain.
16. NOTE THE CORRESPONDENCE SHEET – The correspondence sheet was noted.
17. RAISE MATTERS FOR THE NEXT SCHEDULED ORDINARY MEETING & WALTERSTONE PARISH MEETING – 19th April 2017 at 8.00pm in Walterstone Village Hall – Lengthsman schedule for 2017/18

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 2100