Minutes 18th April 2018

Minutes of a meeting of Longtown Group Parish Council held on
Wednesday 18th April 2018 at 8.15 pm in Walterstone Village Hall

Councillors: Judy Cecil, Jim Hardy, Philip Hope, Diana Palmer, Gill Watkins.

In attendance
Lynda Wilcox (HALC) … Admin cover.

1. Apologies for absence were received from:
1.1 Neville Powell.
1.2 Pamela Tribe.

2. Declarations of Interest & Written Requests for Dispensation
2.1. Gill Watkins declared a Non Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in agenda item

3. Minutes of the previous meeting … 21st March 2018
It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes subject to the following amendment and they were then signed by the Chairman:
3.1. Item 8.3 to correct the word ‘wok’ to ‘work’.
3.2. Item 9 to read that the Chairman and Neville Powell ‘would’ meet the Lengthsman, not ‘had’ met the Lengthsman.
3.3. The reference to ‘one tender being received’ to be deleted.

4. Open Discussion
4.1. Report from Ward Councillor … No report available as the Ward Councillor was not present.
4.2. Report from West Mercia Police … No report available as Police representative was not present.
4.3. Views of local residents on parish matters … No local residents were present.

5. Finance
5.1. It was noted that the only movement on the bank balance since the previous meeting was the receipt of the first half of the 2018/19 Precept in the sum of £8,515.
5.2. It was RESOLVED to pay HALC Admin Cover for the meeting @ £150 plus mileage.

6. Planning
It was RESOLVED to make the following comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council.
6.1. Application P180796/FH … Chapel Farm – Longtown. Proposed garage conversion to form ancillary accommodation. PC Comment … No objection.
Application P180807 XA2 … Court Farm – Craswall. Approval of details reserved by condition 4 attached to planning permission 170400. It was noted that permission had just been granted. It was RESOLVED that councillors would submit their comments to the Chairman by the end of the following day.
6.2. Application P180330/F … Old Shawls Farm – Craswall. (Retrospective) Change of use on small area of farm to place one glamping shepherds hut with compost toilet and shower. All are portable/on wheels plus one bell tent. Campsite to be in use 10 months per year max.
PC Comment … It was thought that a better colour could be used for the Bell Tent, so as to enable it to blend with the countryside.

7. Lengthsman
7.1. It was RESOLVED to pay the outstanding sum of £655.20 to the Lengthsman.
7.2. There was no Lengthsman report to consider but it was noted that he had not worked the final two days of his contract.
7.2.1 The Chairman had requested quotes from four contractors in relation to the 2018/19 Lengthsman contract and gave members details of the costings involved. Following discussion it was RESOLVED that Mark Price from Dorstone be appointed from May 2018.
7.3. Jim Hardy reported on a recent meeting he had attended at Balfour Beatty, including:
7.3.1. Individual complaints about potholes were reported at the meeting but parish councils were requested to report potholes direct to Balfour Beatty via the Council website.
7.3.2. Any works on the roadside e.g. replacing signs, must be notified to Balfour Beatty.
7.3.3. It was clarified that ditches are the responsibility of the adjoining landowner.

8. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
8.1. Jim Hardy reported on a training session he had attended at HALC, at which Lynda Wilcox had outlined the policies required to be prepared by parish councils for publicising on their websites.
8.2. She had also remarked that provided PCs had commenced their journey towards compliance by 25th May, the risk of a fine for non-compliance was negligible.
8.3. NALC was urging Government to consider an amendment to the impending legislation to negate the requirement for parish councils to appoint a Data Protection Officer.

9. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
9.1. The meeting noted Data Orchard’s receipt and the confirmation of the End of Grant Submission. It was likely that only £18 remained unspent. The Chairman would discuss a further grant with Chris Gooding of Data Orchard.
9.2. A draft NDP would be considered at the next parish council meeting.

10. Grit Storage
10.1. One of the grit bins purchased by the parish council a few years ago was in need of replacement.
10.2. It was noted that bins were currently sited at:
10.2.1. Chapel Farm.
10.2.2. Pentwyn Farm – Craswall.
10.2.3. Creidol Farm – Walterstone.
10.2.4. It was RESOLVED to liaise with the Locality Steward (Paul Norris) about the replacement bin, once the new Lengthsman was in place.

11. Next Newsletter
11.1 It was RESOLVED that the Annual Parish Meeting for Longtown would be advertised.

12. Correspondence … The Chairman outlined the correspondence as:
12.1. Parish Footpaths Officer briefing re parish councils signing up to the 2018/19 P3 Scheme operated by Herefordshire Council. It was noted that the parish council was not in the P3 Scheme at the present time.
12.2. A footpath sign was in need of attention and would be reported to the new Lengthsman.
13. Matters raised for the next meeting
13.1. NDP Draft for consideration.
13.2. Community Governance Review … proposed boundary changes.
13.3. GDPR Polices for adoption.
13.4. Defibrillator training/insurance.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item

14. Clerk Vacancy
14.1. It was RESOLVED to pay outstanding monies of £163.12 to the ex-Clerk. Payment of £90.20 to HMRC in respect of PAYE was noted.
14.2. The Chairman gave an update on the employment of a new Clerk/RFO and, following discussion, it was RESOLVED to engage the Temporary Clerk service of Paul Russell for four hours per week (to include parish council meetings) @ £12 per hour until a new Clerk was appointed.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.05 pm