Minutes 18th March 2015

Craswall, Llanveynoe, Longtown and Walterstone

Minutes of Longtown Group Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 18th March 2015 at 7.30pm in Craswall Village Hall.

PRESENT – Mr N Cowles (Chairman), Mr D Freeman, Mr N Powell, Mrs R Pritchard, Mrs L Watkins, Miss R Goodwin, Ms D Palmer, Mr J Hardy and Mr P Hope.

IN ATTENDANCE – Mrs L Cowles (Clerk), Ward Councillor Graham Powell and one member of the public.

1. ACCEPT APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Mrs P Tribe, Ms J Jones and Mr T Griffiths (Lengthsman).

2. RECEIVE DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest.

3. ADOPT MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING – 18th February 2015 – The minutes were signed as a true and accurate record.

4. OPEN DISCUSSION – No specific points were raised.

Ms D Palmer, Mr J Hardy and Mr P Hope joined the meeting
5.1 Ward Councillor Graham Powell – Councillor Powell’s report included:-
Herefordshire Council Tax 2015/16
Herefordshire Core Strategy
A465 Temporary Speed Limits
Mobile Infrastructure Project
Recent Budget broadband announcement
A full report is available, on request, from the Clerk.
5.2 Local Police – The Police were unable to attend the meeting.
5.3 Lengthsman – The Lengthsman was unable to attend the meeting.

Planning application 150295, Hillside, Rhiw Road, Longtown was granted on 10th March 2015. Planning appeal APP/W1850/A/14/2223968, 5 Penbailey, Longtown was dismissed.
The U75004, Olchon Valley is now due to be closed from 23rd March for 3 days.
A reminder that there is a Balfour Beatty Annual Plan event on Thursday 19th March from 7.00pm in Hereford.
A response to the Clerks letter has been received from Mrs Ellaway, the contents of which were noted. Correspondence from Mr Taylor and telephone call from Mr Haseldine were also duly noted.
Herefordshire Council has recently updated their online defect reporting website, the Clerk advised that no preference was given to Parish Clerks when reporting defects and would encourage Councillors and members of the public to report problems directly at https://herefordshire.gov.uk/transport-and-highways/maintenance/potholes

Site: Lower House Farm, Longtown, Herefordshire. HR2 0NZ
Description: Proposed change of use and conversion of existing attached barn to
form an extension to existing farmhouse. Single Storey extension to
replace lean-to shed.
Application No: 150319 Grid Ref: 332440:227346
7.2 BARN AT UPPER CWM FARM, LLANVEYNOE – Councillor Powell has received a response from Simon Withers the Development Manager at Herefordshire Council after concerns were raised with the agricultural structure currently being erected at Land at Upper Cwm Farm, Llanveynoe; a copy of which had been emailed to Councillors. Mr George Thompson, County Land Agent had previously visited the site in March 2012 and after his visit development had been approved under the Agricultural and Forestry Buildings and Operations which meant prior approval is not required. Mr Withers has recently visited the site again and whilst he can appreciate that the current appearance would be a concern the completed project will result in an appropriately designed and scaled building. If the Parish Council remained unhappy the next course of action would be a formal complaint. Councillor Powell has since obtained a copy of the original business plan via the Herefordshire Council website and will be writing to Simon Withers again including any comments the Parish Council may have. Parish Councillors enquired how many acres the site covered and was the business plan originally confidential. Concerns were raised that the site did not fit in to the criteria of permitted development under Agricultural and Forestry Buildings and Operations and are happy for Councillor Powell to write accordingly.

8.1 Updated confirmation of bank balance – £8.061.20, Statement Sheet No. 187 issued 10th March 2015.
8.2 Receipts – None.
8.3 Payment to Mrs Linda Cowles for February 2015 Clerk’s hours of £239.85 – Payment Agreed.

9. NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – The Steering Group had met on 9th March. It was agreed who would be taking the leadership at each parish meeting and discussions were on-going on how each meeting would be run. Mr Chris Gooding from Data Orchard has been asked to provide a quote on a consultation basis. The next series of grants were now available and Mr Freeman and Mrs Tribe will be attending a funding workshop in April. The Steering Group requested approval to spend money on refreshments at each parish launch meeting. It was agreed by the Parish Council that a maximum of £100 could be spent for all three meetings, although Mr N Powell would ask Craswall to provide their own refreshments. The next Steering Group meeting will be on 10th April 2015 at 7.30pm in The Crown, Longtown. Mr Freeman explained that a consultation group made up of local businesses, farmers and locals who lived in the area with specialist knowledge i.e. Solicitors etc. would be invited along to the meeting. Anybody in the parish would be welcome to join the consultation group; four parishioners had been to a previous meeting.

10. ENHANCED LENGTHSMAN SCHEME ANNUAL MAINTENANCE PLAN – The Annual maintenance plan for 2015/16 completed by the Chairman and Clerk was agreed. This can now be sent to Balfour Beatty.

11. DEFIBRILLATOR – Carol Powell has kindly provided information regarding a defibrillator obtained for the W.I., West Midlands Ambulance Service will also be attending one of their meetings in May. The Clerk has contacted the British Heart Foundation who do offer part funding for a defibrillator but ask that organisations donate £400 towards the cost. The West Midlands Ambulance Service will need to agree participation in the application and provide data before it can be fully submitted. The Clerk has contacted the ambulance service but as yet awaits a response. It was agreed that the Clerk would update at the next meeting after information has been received from WMAS.

12. ELECTIONS MAY 2015 – The Clerk distributed Parish Councillor Nomination papers and reminded Councillors they needed to be handed in to the Election Office in Hereford by 4.00pm on 9th April 2015.

13. REPORT NEW ROAD DEFECTS – Potholes were reported near Cefn Cottage, Llanveynoe. It was noted that British Telecom had recently been doing work on the C1203 in Craswall near U75013 and the area was already breaking up, Councillor Powell will have a look. Miss Goodwin reported that a Parishioner had recently complained that Balfour Beatty had been seen putting tarmac on verges whilst leaving potholes repairs nearby.

14. APRIL NEWSLETTER ARTICLE – Herefordshire Council website details for reporting road defects.

15. NOTE THE CORRESPONDENCE SHEET – The correspondence sheet was noted.


The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.50pm