Minutes 20th January 2016

Minutes of the Longtown Group Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 20th January 2016 at 7.30pm in Longtown Village Hall.

PRESENT – Mr N Cowles (Chairman), Mrs J Cecil, Mrs P Tribe, Mr D Freeman, Ms D Palmer, Mr J Hardy, Mrs G Watkins, Mr P Hope, Mrs L Watkins and Ms J Jones.

IN ATTENDANCE – Mrs L Cowles (Clerk) and Ward Councillor Graham Powell.


2. RECEIVE DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Mrs G Watkins declared a non-disclosable pecuniary interest in agenda item 7.1; the declarations book was signed accordingly.

3. ADOPT MINUTES OF PREVIOUS ORDINARY MEETING – 16th December 2015 – Amendments made on page 612 item 6 (spelling mistake), the minutes were then signed as a true and accurate record.

4. OPEN DISCUSSION – No members of the public attended the meeting therefore no specific points were raised.
Mrs L Watkins and Ms J Jones joined the meeting


5.1 Ward Councillor Graham Powell – Councillor Powell’s report had been distributed to Councillors by email prior to the meeting, which included:-
Lengthsman Scheme
2016/17 Budget
Councillor Powell also gave an update on Neighbourhood plans within the Ward and County.
A full report is available, on request, from the Clerk or via the Longtown Parish Council website.
5.2 Local Police – The Police were unable to attend the meeting.
5.3 Lengthsman – The Lengthsman was unable to attend the meeting.
i. Report – The Clerk gave a brief report advising of ongoing and completed works. The Chairman also signed off all worksheets.
ii. The Bryn – The Lengthsman was still waiting to hear from the Landowner for a convenient time to begin work.
iii. The Lengthsman has quoted for addition work needing completing on the U74416 near Lower House. Councillors queried whether the area was in Longtown Group parish. Clerk to investigate.
iv. New road Defects – potholes on C1213 at the top of The Bryn, U74413 at Arcadia and by Vineyard Farm, Walterstone. Blocked culvert on U75006 near Glandwr Bungalow. Lengthsman to check the U75003 and advise state of road. All other defects have previously been reported. Clerk to check progress on Herefordshire Council website.

The Clerk advised costings for a HGV sign on U75003. It was agreed to purchase a blue road sign at a cost of £44 plus VAT. Balfour Beatty is holding parish briefings on 3rd February at 6.00pm and 4th February at 2.00pm at Thorn Business Park, Hereford. A thank you letter has been received from Longtown Village Hall committee for the recent donation. Comments on Herefordshire Councils Transport Plan 2016 – 31 have been extended until 29th January 2016. Planning application 153294, Middle Hunt House, Walterstone has been granted.


Site: Cwm Farm, Clodock, Longtown, Herefordshire. HR2 0PA
Description: Conversion of agricultural barn to residential and detached garage.
(part retrospective).
Application No: 153584 Grid Ref: 331624:226548
Site: Great Trelandon, Longtown, Herefordshire. HR2 0LU
Description: Proposed first floor and ground floor extensions and replacement of
existing garage and porch.
Application No: 153443 Grid Ref: 333260:230121
Site: Rockyfold, Craswall, Herefordshire. HR2 0PN
Description: Proposed conversion of traditional barn into dwelling.
Application No: 153230 Grid Ref: 328669:235761
Site: The Old Trout Inn, Dulas, Herefordshire. HR2 0HL
Description: Change of use of the former pub car park to forestry business, use to include
the storage of business equipment (retrospective). Single storey extension to
house (part retrospective).
Application No: 152391 Grid Ref: 336169:230197


8.1 Confirmation of bank balance – £5226.67 Statement Sheet No. 197 issued 11th January 2016.
8.2 Receipts – None
8.3 Payment to Mr T Griffiths, invoice no. TGC1441– December (1) of £420.00 plus VAT, TGC1442 – December (2) of £275.00 plus VAT, TGC1443 – December (3) of £275.00 plus VAT and TGC1453 – December (5) of £275.00 plus VAT – Payment Agreed.
8.4 Payment to Mrs Linda Cowles for December 2015 Clerk’s hours. Expenses of £7.56 stamps, £3.00 Stationery plus £100.00 for home office use January – December 2015 – Payment Agreed.
8.5 Payment of PAYE Oct – December 2015 of £148.80 – Payment Agreed.
8.6 Payment to Data Orchard invoice no. 99 for Neighbourhood Plan support work September – December 2015 of £404.30 – Payment Agreed.
8.7 Payment for printing of Neighbourhood Plan questionnaires and banners – Impact printing invoice no. 18140 of £870.00 plus VAT and PIP Printing, invoice no. 61140 of £420.18 plus VAT – Payment Agreed.
8.8 Payment for Jubilee tree guard – Invoice not yet received, defer to February 2016 meeting.

9. EXTERNAL AUDIT ARRANGEMENTS 2016/17 – It was agreed to be included in the ‘Sector Led Body’ for future external audits.

10. NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – The quotations for printing of questionnaires, posters and banners had been circulated to all Parish Councillors before the meeting and the majority were happy to instruct Impact printing to print the questionnaire and PIP printing the banners and posters as per invoices in agenda item 8.7. The number of adult questionnaires required had been calculated from census information although Mr Freeman was concerned that an additional 100 would be needed. It was agreed to order the extra 100 at an additional cost of £37.00 plus VAT. Any grant funding not spent by 31st January 2016 must be returned to Groundwork UK. A new grant can be applied for from April 2016. Mr Freeman confirmed that the questionnaires were due to be delivered in April.

11. LENGTHSMAN CONTRACT – It was confirmed and agreed that the Chairman had signed the Lengthsman contract between the Parish Council and Balfour Beatty for 2015/16. The Lengthsman scheme has currently been suspended for all new entrants. For all Parish Council’s currently signed up to the scheme grant funding for 2016/17 will remain the same as the current year including any match funding.

12. DEFIBRILLATOR – It was agreed to ask Richard Baker to do a training session on 24th February 2016 at 7.30pm in Longtown village hall. Advertise in Newsletter and posters, including the Crown Inn.

13. FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER ARTICLE – Defibrillator training, Salt supplies, Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire delivery dates, Jubilee tree guard at hall and website address for pothole reporting.

14. NOTE THE CORRESPONDENCE SHEET – The correspondence sheet was noted.

15. RAISE MATTERS FOR THE NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING – 17th February 2016 – Fuel Poverty, Queens 90th birthday celebrations and tree guard invoice.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 2029.