Minutes Annual Parish Meeting for Craswall & Llanveynoe 18th March 2015

Craswall, Llanveynoe, Longtown and Walterstone

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting for Craswall and Llanveynoe held on Wednesday 18th March 2015 at 7.30pm in Craswall Village Hall.

PRESENT – Mr N Cowles (Chairman), Mr D Freeman, Mr N Powell, Mrs R Pritchard, Mrs L Watkins and Miss R Goodwin.

IN ATTENDANCE – Mrs L Cowles (Clerk), Ward Councillor Graham Powell and one member of the public.

1. ACCEPT APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Mrs P Tribe, Ms J Jones and Mr T Griffiths (Lengthsman).

2. OPEN DISCUSSION FOR THE PARISH OF CRASWALL & LLANVEYNOE – No specific points were raised although Mr N Powell advised that parishioners were expected to attend the forthcoming meeting in May when the Neighbourhood Plan will be discussed.