Minutes Annual Parish meeting for Longtown & ordinary PC meeting 21st May 2014

Craswall, Llanveynoe, Longtown and Walterstone

Minutes of the Annual Parish meeting for Longtown followed by Longtown Group Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 21st May 2014 at 8.00pm in Longtown Village Hall.

PRESENT – Mr N Cowles (Chairman), Mrs L Watkins, Miss R Goodwin, Mrs R Pritchard, Mr N Powell, Mr D Freeman, Mrs P Tribe, Mr J Hardy and Mr P Hope.

IN ATTENDANCE – Mrs L Cowles (Clerk), Ward Councillor Graham Powell and three members of the public.

1. ACCEPT APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Mrs J Probert and PCSO Fiona Witcher.

2. RECEIVE DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Mr N Cowles declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 10, the declarations book was signed accordingly.

3. OPEN DISCUSSION FOR THE PARISH OF LONGTOWN – Comments were received that a dog waste bin would be useful in the village. Parishioners would also like to see improvements to access of the field by the Village Hall, it was agreed that the Clerk would write to the village hall committee.

4. ADOPT MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS – 16TH April 2014. The minutes of both the Walterstone Annual meeting and the Longtown Group Parish meeting were signed as a true and accurate record.

5. RECEIVE REPORT FROM HEREFORDSHIRE COUNCIL – Councillor Graham Powell, as per the Annual Parish meeting, a full report is available, on request, from the Clerk.

The website has been updated as requested and the total number of visits for 2013/14 was 3281.
A response had been received from Mr Dixon regarding letters sent to land owners on the Mountain Road; his hedges will be cut in the autumn.
Correspondence has also been received regarding resurfacing Trewern Lane, the contents of which were noted.
Herefordshire Council has requested if the Parish Council would be introducing a Parish Council member’s allowance scheme in the near future.
Any further comments on the bus service consultation need to be received by 28th May 2014 although Parish Councillors could arrange an appointment with Alan Lewis, Passenger Transport Manager on either 23rd May or 2nd June.
Mountain Mayhem have applied for a Music/Sale of Alcohol Licence
Planning Application P140695, 4 Penbailey, Longtown HR2 0LF has been granted.
There will be a Code of Conduct Information evening on 10th June at 6.30pm in Brockington.
The Core Strategy Pre-Submission consultation runs from 22nd May – 3rd July 2014, there are two information drop in events are on 4th and 18th June between 2.00pm – 8.00pm at the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford.
Crime figures from May 2013 – May 2014 have been received from the Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood team
7. OPEN DISCUSSION – Local residents had commented at the Longtown Parish meeting earlier in the evening. Mr Freeman requested an update on the Enforcement Order Notice at Cwm Steps Farm, the Clerk advised that the enforcement due date was in June.

Site: Ferns Barn, Longtown, Herefordshire. HR2
Description: Proposed barn conversion
Application No: P133461/L Grid Ref: 330680:231275

9.1 Payment of the Lengthsmans invoice of £2099.35 plus VAT – Payment Agreed.
9.2 Payment to Mrs Linda Cowles for April 2014 Clerk’s hours of £210.85, £134.00 for Office Printer, £5.49 Stationery and £14.88 stamps – Payment Agreed.
9.3 Payment to Brian Tinton for moving Jubilee tree of £55.00 – Payment Agreed.
9.4 Payment to Golden Valley Accounting for Internal Audit of £240.00 plus VAT – Payment Agreed.
Mr N Cowles (Chairman) and Mrs L Cowles (Clerk) left the meeting and Mr J Hardy took the Chair.

10. REVIEW CLERKS SALARY – It was agreed to increase the Clerk salary by 5% backdated to 1st April 2014.
Mr N Cowles resumed as Chairman and Miss R Goodwin left the meeting.

Mr Hardy had been to a Neighbourhood Planning seminar in Hereford which had been very informative. It was agreed to arrange a meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Sub-committee on Friday 13th June in Longtown Village Hall, Clerk to book the hall. Councillor Powell also suggested contacting Tony Murcott from Abbeydore for information as they had been moving forward with their Neighbourhood Plan. Mr Cowles would also speak to Evan Williams at Vowchurch Parish Council.

It was agreed that a dog waste bin would be purchased although it was agreed that suggestions from the local community would be helpful as to where to place it. The Clerk would also enquire about the cost of emptying the bin.

13. REPORT ROAD DEFECTS – Works had been on-going within the Parish. Defects were reported again at Holly Bush in Llanveynoe, the general state of the Llanveynoe to Olchon Valley road and defects on Penrhewy Lane.

14. JUNE NEWSLETTER ARTICLE – Dog waste bin position, Parish Council vacancies, New Parish Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

15. NOTE THE CORRESPONDENCE SHEET – The correspondence sheet was noted.

16. RAISE MATTERS FOR THE NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING – 18th June 2014 – Dog waste bin, Neighbourhood Plan and Finances.